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R.D. Barnett PLLC

State and Local Tax

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The number of tax jurisdictions remains debatable as politicos continue to fact check each other.  No matter how many thousands of tax jurisdictions end up in the final count we know one thing – it is a big number! 

Our state and local tax expertise rests on the coasts.  We have deep knowledge of compliance rules in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California, as well as, New York, New York City, and the Tri-state area. We are familiar and have clients that file in multiple states and municipalities throughout the country.  We also have a broad network of advisors who we can call on to lend us their expertise when needed.

We are here to help you and your company avoid penalties and interest by properly...

  • Reporting sales and use taxes, gross receipts taxes, income taxes, franchise taxes and miscellaneous taxes.  Specialty include:
    • Washington State combined excise taxes,
    • New York State/City income taxes.
  • Calculating and withholding applicable state and local taxes
  • Preparing Composite Returns